Emily In Paris Season 2: A Must Watch!


Samantha Corona, Engagement Editor


Have you ever dreamt about following your heart to visit Paris—the City of Love?

Scoring a new job, exploring the city, meeting new friends, and possibly falling in love with your current best friend’s boyfriend?

Since I love to laugh and gasp in the most shocking moments, the comedy drama, Emily in Paris, is the perfect show for this. The twisting moments Emily has with her job, boys, and friends will leave you with your jaw dropped. 

Not only that, but this show is definitely relatable to many girls. I’m sure many of us have been in her shoes. But…we’ll get to that later. 

The series starts off with Emily living a perfectly structured life in Chicago, happily taken, and working at a marketing firm—what could possibly change?

Just out of nowhere, she gets the opportunity to work in Paris for a year! She’s extremely thrilled and obviously goes. 

I mean it’s Paris—who wouldn’t want to go? 

But when Emily arrives, she realizes the road isn’t smooth.

Not only could she not speak the language, she is newly single and doesn’t know anyone to explore the city with. She is all alone in a huge city filled with happiness and love, she feels she doesn’t belong.  

After a while though, Emily begins to enjoy her stay. She even starts to get it going with the flirtatious men of the city. 

However, as soon as things are looking bright, like everyone else, she makes mistakes.

When Emily’s friend finds out what she does, everything just goes downhill, and Emily doesn’t even know it. 

I honestly feel like I’ve been Emily.

I’ve never been offered a job in Paris, but between all the fights with boys and your closest “friends”? 

Yeah… I’ve definitely been there. 

It’s an absolute MUST to watch and I am definitely waiting eagerly for season three! 

Let’s see what happens!