Valentine’s Day Is Overrated

Annette Vaipulu, Reporter

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you often see people around school with their special someone, or should I say “valentine.” Whenever this holiday comes around, you are expected to have a valentine and receive chocolates or a stuffed bear.

I don’t understand the criteria of this holiday—the most famous and original theme being courtly love. Nowadays, you forget that you have friends that love you more than a romantic partner could. We’ve already seen enough couples show their public affection at school to make you feel icky. Can’t they take their love for each other over Zoom?

But you still wish that could be you on Valentine’s Day. Where is the “love in the air” when you’re sitting alone, watching people look into their valentine’s eyes lovingly?

You’ll be teased for either having a valentine or having no one. You’ll hear “Ooh, who’s that special someone?” or “Haha, you get no girls—I mean no one likes you!” Hearing these remarks are funny at first, but in reality, they make people feel even lonelier than they already do.

If you don’t have a valentine this year, it’s okay—you don’t need one. The only one who can love you the most is yourself. You can treat yourself here at Venice with Valentine’s Grams, a Valentine’s Day Bouquet, and the annual Saxy Grams in front of the cafeteria and in Mr.Lee’s room, to embarrass yourself or your friends who, like you, don’t have a valentine.

But how am I going to spend Valentine’s day? I’ll do what I do every year—be alone.