NFL Fans Gear Up For Super Bowl In LA


Troy Lippman, reporter

One of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Super Bowl, is set to be played at the recently constructed SoFi stadium in Los Angeles. 

The Los Angeles Rams are lucky enough to play the Super Bowl at home in front of thousands of cheering Rams fans. This is a rare occurrence and would mean a lot for this team, who will be playing on their home turf to deliver a championship for the city of L.A.

The most recent championships brought to the city of L.A. came by the Dodgers and Lakers, who each won their respective titles in 2020. The Rams bringing home a Super Bowl championship would bring another big accolade in the sports world to the City of Angels. They are going for it all with the support of fans and other big L.A. teams. 

Junior and Venice football player Romeo Signore has been a Rams fan since 2017.

“After the Rams returned to L.A., they gained plenty of young fans who were happy to have a football team to root for and were excited to have a team representing the city of L.A.”

He feels like since SoFi is a newer stadium, things are more overpriced, but that many of the features built like the Jumbotron and the seating are cool additions.

“SoFi compared to the Los Angeles Coliseum is more of a modern, fancy stadium with many things like food and parking,” he said. “It’s expensive and looking to give fans who attend games a good experience”.

He believes the Rams performance this season was difficult at times but pretty good during other situations. They went through ups and downs, but were able to win 12 games and perform well in the playoffs.

“They looked like the best team in the NFL before going on a losing streak, so I’m glad they were able to figure it out and play pretty good in the playoffs and beat some really good teams,” he said. 

The Rams have a good chance to win as long as their defense can stop the Bengals strong offense and can get to the quarterback. They need to remain consistent on offense and put up as many points as possible to take some pressure off the defense.

“They can’t make stupid mistakes and should focus on scoring each time they have the ball,” he said. “The defense has to do their job and create turnovers to finish off the season as champions and not losers.”


Many fans are excited for the Rams to make the big game. This is a chance for the Rams to finish off a fantastic season with a trophy representing the city of L.A. 

It would be a great accomplishment that would bring a ton of excitement and be celebrated widely in Los Angeles. It would be even more special if the Rams were able to win the Super Bowl in their home city.