Teens Intrigued by New Netflix Show, “All of Us Are Dead”


Annette Vaipulu, Reporter

First, we had Squid Game, then came the appearance of a new K-Drama horror series, All of Us Are Dead, streaming on Netflix.

Based on the Webtoon Comic, All of Us Are Dead, a group of high school students are stuck together in a zombie apocalypse outbreak.

I’m not the type of person to sit down and watch shows that feature hour-long episodes. But after multiple people recommended the show to me, this is one of those series that glue you to your seat.

This series references Train to Busan, a well-known zombie movie, and is like those other zombie movies you’ve seen before. And even though I’ve never watched a lot of zombie genre-related media, this series got me craving more.

As a teen myself, I can empathize with the cast. I can understand why most people would be mad about the life-or-death decisions they’d have to make to survive—but I find the show to be realistic, that we’d think rationally in these situations, or won’t think at all and get right to the action (even though I would be bitten).

There are graphic scenes, some with a good amount of gore—the zombies bleeding and the bites you would see on characters before they turn into one. It’s not only bloody but it’s also supposed to give you spine-shivering fear.

This leads to the drama, the heartbreaking moments, such as watching your favorite character die or seeing the group witness their friend turning into a zombie amidst flashbacks of heartfelt memories of them having fun before the zombie crisis. This apocalypse had a big impact on the survivors, who experienced great loss while escaping to safety.

Even if you’re not a big zombie fan, I recommend giving this series a try. It’s not just about zombies. It reveals the tactics of characters, depending on each other and showing their true colors in trying times, despite not making it very far throughout the whole series.