It’s great to be a Gondolier


Aranza Naguanagua, Opinion Editor

Venice High has recently been under the scrutiny of the media for reported sexual assaults that happened on campus involving under-age students. But despite the bad press, students from Venice High clearly know that they attend a great school.

Recently students and teachers from the school have rallied behind the trend #VeniceHighIsGreatBecause, started by the Venice Oarsman’s Twitter, to show support for Venice High.

“Venice High is great because we get to chill on the front lawn during lunch and have a mini picnic,” tweeted senior Linda Viveros.

Many students are attracted to Venice High’s open campus. With Venice being the only high school with an open campus in LAUSD, students don’t feel caged during nutrition and lunch breaks.

Currently over 800 students from all over Los Angeles Unified School District come to Venice to attend Venice High’s World Languages and Global Studies Magnet and the STEMM Magnet.

Another great thing about Venice would be that we have one of the largest libraries in the district and a full-time librarian on staff.

“What is great about Venice is the library, and the wide range of books it offers,” says freshman Tiffany Lavalle.

The library also gives the school a sense of community and is easily accessible to students.

“The library is in the center of the school which keeps the students connected to the school,” says Venice High librarian Caroline Gill.

Another great feature about Venice is that teachers go above and beyond to help their students succeed.

“I think the teachers are good, helpful, and friendly” says senior Naila Anwar.

Having attended a different high school before Venice, I can also agree that teachers from Venice High go out of their way to see their students succeed. I have seen teachers try to motivate students to finish their work and help if they are having trouble at home.

The College Center is also a resource that makes Venice High a great school. It provides students with information on financial aid, scholarships and post secondary education.

Because I am a senior, I have been in the College Center numerous times this year and have been provided with helpful information in picking out colleges and filling out my applications.

“As a college counselor, I hope to see every student that walks through my door learn that with hard work, sincerity, honesty and persistence they can reach their dreams,” said Venice’s college counselor Nilou Pourmoussa.

Another great quality of Venice High is the vast array of cultures within the school.

LAUSD reported that in the 2011-2012 school year, the diversity in the school was 77% Hispanic, 10% Black, 9% White, 3% Asian, 1.5% Filipino, 0.3% American Indian or Alaskan Native and 0.3% Pacific Islander.

All of the diversity students encounter at school gives them the opportunity to learn about new cultures from different people and it is a good representation of the different cultures residing in Los Angeles.

Not only are students welcoming of the cultural diversity at Venice High but they are also accepting of the disabled students who attend the school.

“What I like about Venice the most is the people. The personalities are outstanding,” said freshman Pamela Argueta.

Venice High School has many outstanding programs ranging all the way from sports and clubs to academics that give students excellent knowledge in and out of a classroom.

Some other tweets from students highlighting Venice’s best features included.

“ #VeniceHighIsGreatBecause we have Oakgrove!” tweeted Ellie Liams.

“ #VeniceHighIsGreatBecause we have 17 National Board Certified Teachers!” tweeted Ruth Greene.

“ #VeniceHighIsGreatBecause of the awesome sports medicine team,” tweeted Ruth Alvarado.

“ #VeniceHighIsGreatBecause we are together as one through all the bad publicity, and at the end of the day, Venice is an amazing school,” tweeted Ariel Espindola.