Baseball Plays Roosevelt Today

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Baseball, 14-12, has shown a lot of perseverance this season, playing six games in seven days. 

The boys are refusing to give up. Even though the Gondos have had some tough opponents this year, the boys went from 5-11 to 14-12. 

The baseball field was a big help towards the boys’ achievement. 

 “We didn’t get into any type of groove, and since we’ve been able to have regular practices, I think that has helped get them in a groove,” said coach Kevin Brockway. 

On January 31st, the team started playing on the field, but the net wasn’t installed until around April 1st. 

In the beginning of the season, the boys weren’t as close, but with time, the team’s chemistry improved. 

“They are a very cohesive unit and it didn’t start out the season like that. They have meshed together through the semester,” said Brockway. 

Today, the team will visit Roosevelt at 3:00 PM. 

According to Brockway, the game plan is to not let them score as many runs as possible. 

“Roosevelt’s ranked number 30 in the city, so we’re gonna have our hands full,” Brockway said.   

The team has had their hands full all season, especially against Palisades, whom they played and lost to twice. 

“We’ve already played our biggest opponent, which is usually Pali. This year might be a little different, but it usually comes down to us or Pali every year,” said Brockway.

The team seems to be confident about winning today’s game. 

“It seems like a promising game,” said Junior Ozzie Otterbein, a pitcher.