Daniel Tachiki: Social Media Star On The Rise


Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Many will look at Daniel Tachiki and immediately notice his outgoing personality accompanied by his witty sense of humor. But there’s more to this senior than meets the eye. 

Since November 2021, Tachiki has been a recurring member of the “React” YouTube channel, where teens, adults, older people, and even kids are featured reacting to food, pop culture, music, and more. 

Tachiki has also been able to rub elbows with influencers that already have a very large following.

“I have met a lot of popular social media stars and enjoy talking to them when I’m not filming—and sometimes I even film with them,” he said. 

Tachiki believes being on the series is a great way to jumpstart his career as an entertainer.

“I knew I would be in the business eventually, but I’m really lucky to have gotten this chance,” he said. “I feel this is a good step for building a platform.”

Oh yeah, and did I mention that he is Venice’s beloved English teacher Christine Tachiki’s son? Apparently, a bubbly and warm personality runs in the family!