Venice Clubs To Be Showcased At Club Expo

At today’s Club Expo, students can learn more about 38 clubs offered at Venice High.

According to math teacher Sue Oh, the ASB adviser, the event will be “really cool.”

“From a teacher perspective, it shows that we have a lot of students who are interested and want leadership roles at school, and they want to feel some sense of community,” she said. 

Here are some clubs that will be represented at the event, which will be hosted in Main Quad.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union is a club dedicated to Black students’ voices, says senior Imani Boyd, the president of BSU. 

“Your voice will be heard, where your voice matters, and we will make sure our Black students’ opinions will spread around the school,” she said.

Students in BSU participate in activities like game nights, karaokes, and field trips to different historical Black colleges and universities, Boyd said.

The club meets every Wednesday in the garden at lunch. 

Community Closet

Community Closet is a club for people who enjoy thrifting, said junior Jose Palacios.

Students are able to donate clothes and take second-hand clothes from a rack. 

“The club also offers students community service hours and is a good place to hang out for nutrition and lunch,” he said.

Students will be able to browse the rack during nutrition Wednesdays and Fridays in 211. 

Garden Club 

The Garden Club serves students who are interested in gardening and plants.

According to horticulture teacher Brian Bailey, the adviser, the club’s direction is up to students. 

“I would encourage students to grow a lot of edible plants that we can eat and share with other people and in the past they’ve given food to families in need,” he said. 

Examples of plants being grown in the garden include poppy, wild flowers, carrots, and watermelon.

The club will start meeting after school on Fridays. 

Poetry Club

According to English teacher Hazel Kight-Witham, the sponsor of Poetry Club, students can come together and be creative with their writing and listen to one another at the club.

Students get to have the opportunity to write many different types of poetry, including rhyme poetry, freestyle rap, free verse, and fiction poetry. 

“We even do slam poetry,” Witham said.

The club also collaborates with GetLit, which is a nonprofit that “helps students get comfortable with public speaking and helps find their voice,” Witham added. 

The club meets every Friday at lunch in Room 152.