Venice High Arts Guild Supports The Arts With A Silent Auction


An auctioned-off item: “A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors” Autographed Framed Movie Poster

Rey Sandoval, Reporter

The Venice High School Alumni Association Arts Guild hosted a silent auction fundraiser virtually during the last month.

The auction raised money for the Venice High Art Department and students of the arts here. The money raised from the auction will go to supplies, scholarships, and program funds. 

According to art teacher Tyler Fister, the mission of the Venice High Arts Guild is to “rejuvenate and reestablish Venice High School as it once was—a supportive home for students wishing to pursue the arts.” 

Items available during the auction included movie posters with signed autographs, movies, CDs, bags, posters of famous people. 

Fister himself donated a handmade cutting board. 

Here are some current items that were up for auction:

  • “The Green Mile” Autographed Framed (Japanese Distribution) Movie Poster 
  • “The Walking Dead-Careful They Bite” Autographs Framed Movie Poster
  • “A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors” Autographed Framed Movie Poster
  •  “The Majestic” Autographed Framed (Japanese Distribution) Movie Poster 
  • “THE WALKING DEAD” Original Cast Action Figures- Original Packaging (unopened)
  •  “ACADEMY EVENT MOVIE POSTER” 1995 Framed and Autographed
  • “DEXTER” Skateboard Deck – Cast & Crew Gift – Original Series
  • “THE GREEN MILE” Autographed Framed (Japanese Distribution) Movie Poster
  • “The Walking Dead” Endurance Band – Original Packaging Autographed by “DALE”
  • “THE WALKING DEAD” Zombies Crew Bag
  • VENICE HIGH “CRESCENDOS” Jazz Band 1967 Studio Recording (3 discs)
  • “THE TERMINATOR – DARK FATE” Autographed Movie Poster
  • Variety with One Page for “A Streetcar Named Desire” 1990 & production photo autographed
  • NOW YOU SEE ME 2 signed movie poster