Former Venice High Band Director Is Now Community School Coordinator

Celine Essaied, Reporter

David Lee, formerly the band director for nine years, is now Venice High’s Community School Coordinator. 

Community in Schools, an LAUSD initiative, prioritizes its students’ education. Services within the school are offered to the students and extend out to the community as well. Accessible resources are brought in the school so that the school becomes the hub of the community.

The Community in Schools is a model that exists nationally and has been an ongoing initiative.  The designation is new to not only Venice but also LAUSD.  

Initially, Lee helped Venice write the application to be a part of the initiative back in the 2021-2022 academic year, but the application was rejected. But in February, the organization reached out to David Lee and offered Venice a part of its new cohort.

With the new designation came a new position for the Community School Coordinator. Naturally, David Lee applied and received the position. His job now consists of meeting with the students of the school and gaining feedback from them to see what can be done to improve the community. 

Lee said if he doesn’t “meet with 75 percent  of the students by the end of the year, then I’m not doing my job correctly.” 

Lee says his main goal is to engage and empower the Venice community in this “transformational opportunity.” 

Principal Cynthia Headrick claims it is an “exciting new opportunity for the school that allows for the voice of all.”