Preview: Venice High Prepares For Pink Out Game


Samuel Laxamana and Ellie Zamir

Reading Time: 2 minutes

At this year’s Pink Out Game, football, 4-2, will be going against a challenging 3-2 Westchester team, said Coach Angelo Gasca. 

The game, which during Venice’s annual effort to raise breast cancer awareness in the month of October, will start at 7 p.m.

“Westchester has a good running back and a good line of scrimmage,” Gasca said. “We’ll be ready, respect them, and look forward to a tough game.”
Coach Gasca wants the team to improve on both sides of the ball.

“We want to continue to know our assignments and execute them better and better all the time,” Gasca said. 

Senior Romeo Signore, a captain, said that even though injuries have impacted this year’s team, it has helped team character. 

“Overall the injuries have brought us closer as a team as we know we’re all we got,” he said.  

Although the team has been facing obstacles, they are still pushing through and performing well. 

Signore also mentioned that the offense is doing a good job of “spreading the ball out” and “giving everyone a chance to make a play.” 

In addition, the Gondolier’s quarterback, senior Paul Kessler said, “the defense has improved a lot from the first game to the game we just had.”

Both football and cheer are planning on showing support for breast cancer awareness by incorporating pink along with their usual uniforms.

“When one of us wears pink, we all wear pink. Probably pink socks and pink tape,” Kessler said.

As well as football’s pink out gear, the cheer team will have “pink pom poms” for the first time since 2019, said senior Tatiana Diaz, the captain. The team will also change up the halftime routine for Pink Out.

“We normally have a set halftime routine but we are changing it up for this Pink Out game, so we are excited to show what we have,” she said.