A Greater Need For Internet Privacy And Security Awareness Is In Demand

Schools need to learn to be more accountable for the safety of the people

Bryten Jones, Reporter

Earlier this school year, LAUSD faced an internet security attack. 

Because of this attack, the information of staff and students, like passwords, Social Security numbers and passports, were at risk. The hackers are called Vice Society, who threatened to leak 500 gigabytes of information to the dark web if not paid an unknown amount of money.         

Our teachers are some of the most important people in our lives. They teach us important life skills and help us determine our future. Not just teachers but everyone that works for our school and our school system helps us get the best education possible. 

These people don’t deserve their personal data not only getting stolen but also put somewhere dangerous (not to mention the LAUSD parents that are just trying to get their kids an education). 

This is something very wrong and I feel as if we just went on without really minding it when it wasn’t directly affecting us. While Vice Society was asking for the money, LAUSD didn’t really do anything. 

Now I don’t blame LAUSD. I mean—what are you supposed to do? As students, all we did was change our passwords and go on. How do we expect it not to happen again? 

During this time no one was able to log into our emails, which caused us to not be able to log into Schoology and other critical things we use on a daily basis. 

Most people have just forgotten about the whole thing because on our part it’s been resolved, but I wonder what happened to the people that actually got their information leaked. 

Rather than letting this lack of support be brushed over, students should take the opportunity to become aware about internet security and say something about these issues—one never knows!

No matter how much one can say that a person’s information will be protected by the larger system above, what one really should be critical about is what measures of prevention are taken to better protect ourselves and the rest of the people around us because technology has an impact on society, whether you can see it or not.