Coffee Connection Is Number One

Coffee Connection Is Number One

Mame Fatou Thiaw, Reporter

There are many great coffee shops in L.A., but Coffee Connection is the best one I have ever attended.

Coffee Connection is the most peaceful place—it might even be better than a library in my eyes. Every time I go to Coffee Connection my only thought is “I never want to leave.”

Often high school students and college students usually are there; I even see some of my Venice peers pass by there. Coffee Connection is such a quiet place to get homework done, relax, hang with friends, and enjoy the best drinks and pastries.

My top favorite drink that I always get there would be the matcha iced latte. I also always get the vegan wrap for breakfast. They also came out with a seasonal drink called pumpkin spice which is so delicious. 

In addition, Coffee Connection has the best deals on its foods and drinks. The deals are even better if you are a student or teacher, you get a huge discount: 15% off for students with IDs and 10% off for the teachers.

Coffee Connection has a section where there are couches where it makes you feel right at home. There’s another section where there are just chairs, tables and heaters as well.

Since this coffee shop does seem to get pretty packed throughout the day, I always tend to go early in the morning when it is empty (that way I can get to my favorite couch). To be honest, I would say I go like four times a week, especially since I don’t have the first period. 

Coffee Connection helps me get motivated to do my homework and actually get it done. It also has been a really calming place to focus and get my college applications done.