Girls’ Basketball Looks To “Bring All The Pieces Together”

After Losing 10 Seniors From Last Year, Gondoliers Look To Rebuild, Coach Says


Art by Nicole Rosales (2021)

Samuel Laxamana, Sports Editor

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Girls’ basketball, 0-8, believes that, despite their ongoing performance, they will be able to turn the ship around and expect an exceptional performance against Beverly Hills today, said coach Asjia Hasberry.

“The last time we played them was a really good game despite our loss,” she said. “So if we stick to the game plan, I think we’ll come out with some wins.”

Beverly is an “aggressive” team, Hasberry said.

“They’re most likely going to press, but we just have to be under control and take care of the wall,” she said. “And with the games recently, they’ve definitely given us more practice.”

Hasberry said that the team needs to be built up, as currently many players are new and inexperienced. They lost 10 seniors from last season.

“We have a great group of players. We just got to bring all the pieces together,” she said.

Senior Soraya Nguyen, a captain, said that it is possible for the team to make it to City Championships as long as the team “pulls in as one.”

“We have the skills to work together as a team collectively and make going to City happen,” she said. “We need to dedicate ourselves and stop being selfish as a team. It’s a team sport, so we have to work together in order to get where we want to be.”

Coach Hasberry said that the strength of the team is their connection. They’ve got strong relationships with each other, but need to keep practicing to get better. 

“We get a little excited sometimes and I have to remind them of an assignment or something specific. But that just comes with practice and memory,” she said. “Once they get that done, it’s going to be a fun time.”

Coach Hasberry said that there hasn’t been anything that is holding back the team, but said that as long as they mentally stay in the game, it will be okay.

Nguyen suggests that the team needs to be more lively on the benches during a game, as the energy can lift the team up.

“I feel like if the energy is bad, then it automatically puts you in a hole. So when you’re trying to dig yourself out of the hole, but your team isn’t supporting you,” she said.

“So I feel like as a team, collectively, we have to lock in literally and hype up the energy.”

The team’s main goal is “to take what we did wrong, fix it and move forward,” Hasberry said.

“I mean, everyone hates losing. I don’t like to dwell on the negative situation and I don’t want the team to either,” she said. “So after every game, it’s like, okay—this happened. Let’s get ready for the next one.

“We can’t dwell on anything because then you’ll be stuck and then you’ll be two days behind and we’re already on a new game.”