Despite Challenges, Boys’ Basketball Pushes Onward

Gondoliers, 3-6, Looks To Move Past Losses

Samuel Laxamana, Sports Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Boys’ basketball, 3-6, has been facing adversity early on in the season and will have to face Windward to continue their path to victory.

The Gondoliers last year faced Windward in their second game of the season, which ended in a loss by 10 points. Coach Dave Galley said that Windward has a very exceptional team with good players.

“What we’ll do is keep on playing the way we’re trying to play. It’s not so much to worry about who we’re playing, but focusing on what we need to do as a team to do the best that we can do,” he said.

“Then it’ll be more scouting and trying to figure out what the other is doing and doing our adjustments, but right now this team just needs to continue what they do.”

Coach Galley said that this year’s team “is very talented.”

“They have the ability to be very successful. Right now, they’re learning how to play together,” he said.

Coach Galley scheduled strong teams at the beginning of the season so that the team can have an understanding of what it takes to be successful against good teams later on in the season.

“That’s the plan,” he said. “You want to have them get used to playing really good talent, so that later on when they’re playing teams that aren’t as good, they know that they have to play at a certain level to be successful overall.

“It’s a lot of new faces and we’re playing a lot of good teams. We just have to stay the course and be patient. I firmly believe in these guys, I know we’ll turn it around.”

Coach Galley understands that everyone, even the team, is disappointed about the current record, but believes that hard work will pay off.

“We just have to kind of figure out how to play together and trust each other.”

The team watches past film footage of their games to review what they need to improve on.

“It’s mainly to really focus on what we did right and what we did wrong to make sure that we get better as we go,” he said. “It’s just a process that takes time.”

Even as injuries are happening, it has not slowed the team down significantly. Galley said that they have enough healthy players to be able to win games without the injured ones.

“We look forward to having them healthy and back soon.”

The team has had its share of losses this season. It’s hard to lose, it’s important to get through it, Galley said.

“No great team doesn’t face adversity. So facing adversity earlier in the season, as long as we keep going in the right direction, it will turn out okay,” he said.

The Gondoliers defeated the University High Bobcats in a 70-54 game Wednesday.