Girls’ Soccer, 5-2, Has The Talent To Go Far

Gondoliers Look To Keep Up The Momentum Against Westchester Comets Today At Home

Cindy Martinez, Reporter

Now entering more league games, girls’ soccer, 5-2, is putting their best foot forward.  The Gondoliers will try to keep their momentum up against Westchester today at 3 p.m.

Coach Chaka Forman said the Western League is very difficult and the team needs to improve more on their chemistry together with belief in the team that no matter what the score is, they are talented enough to come back and win the game. 

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and effort that is made, it encourages the team to improve on themselves. The strengths of the team is an important factor that affects the scores for future games. For coach Forman, he believes that love is a major factor when it comes for the team to move forward the same way in possessing the ball and fitness.

“The team needs to continue with building their love for each other and continue to try and wear out other teams down over the course of 80 minutes,” he said.

 The team this year is starting something fresh and new when bringing it on the field. Building their confidence and abilities because they’ll become important parts of years to come.

“I’ve been very proud to be able to coach her and outside of that, we have several players who provide a very important role in what we do for the team.”

Senior Sophia Lee, the captain, shows exactly what being part of the team is all about. Forman said that Lee is a big part of what they do and has been giving it her all since her Freshman year, becoming the leading scorer every season. Hoping to keep that legacy going, she’s planning tactics with new players to continue gaining victories.

“With new players, we’ve been able to implement new ideas and new formations which has been really helpful with our victories. Pushing ourselves and having determination for winning the games thinking we can do it, and we’ve proven we can.”

The pressure for the team is just getting started. “The pressure is high but it’s all worth it,” she said. “We need to mentally dominate when it comes to the games.” 

Forman said he’s most proud of being able to be the leader for their high level goals they’ve set and see if they can continue growing on from that.

“I’m very excited to see if they’ll be able to commit to their own goals,” she said. “It can be hard for high school students to set high goals. Hopefully leading up to their goals, we continue to get better, get stronger, build on trust, and love each other.”

Last Monday, the team beat Birmingham 4-1. 

In their first league game November 30, the Gondoliers shut out Fairfax 9-0.