Boys’ Soccer To Visit ‘Tough’ Westchester Team


Alina Miller, Reporter

Updated on Monday, December 12, 2022 at 10:40 a.m. since print issue was distributed

With high hopes about the season, boys’ soccer, 1-3-1, will play against the Culver City Centaurs after taking a 16-0 victory against the Westchester Comets last Friday.

It’s taken time for the team to develop momentum. Last year the team was in a similar situation, but pieced together an impressive comeback. They made Venice history by becoming Division 4 City Champions for the first time in 50 years. 

 “We had a slow start to the season, by the mid-way point we found our stride, and by the end of the season we were a completely different team,” said Chapman. “It hasn’t been a phenomenal start so far this season, but I’m expecting us to improve by the end”.

Chapman is confident that Gondoliers will succeed because of “the sense of strong brotherhood.” 

“Everyone who plays on the Venice high school soccer program has a real sense of belonging and family. We are unified and proud,” he said. “We fight through every game and have a lot of technical and smart players.” 

Junior Hector Torres, a captain with senior Phubeth (Junior) Waritpattarakul, said that a strength of the team is strong synergy. 

“We are all very cool with one another,” he said. 

The team has many returning players who have been in the program for a while and are the staples, Chapman said..

 “We have a very talented team,” he said. “Brandon Maldonado is a very skilled central midfielder. Hector is a great leader, as well as our seniors who are very important assets to the team.”

The team is looking forward to a match against Palisades, which has been rescheduled for January 31, Torres said.  

“It’s a tough but fun game. Our goal is to win against them this year,” said Torres.

Venice took a 4-1 loss last Wednesday against Hamilton.

Last week Monday at Woodrow Wilson, the Mighty Mules beat the Gondoliers 3-1. 

It was a tight game from start to finish until Wilson scored on a penalty. Venice soon equalized just before halftime—but Wilson’s attack was too much for Venice.