Heal The Bay Helps To Spread The Message Of Earth Conservation On Campus


Brian Ribeneck, Reporter

Heal the Bay, an organization dedicated to cleaning up ocean pollution, has expanded to help the immediate community.

Members not only meet at the beach, but also on campus to help with campus trash cleanup.

Freshman Liliana Montaigne has been a member in the club since the start of the year and is part of the push to clean the school.

“It’s really cool to do something great for your community and slightly make a change. It’s slow but you’re making a change,” said Montaigne.

Social Studies teacher Ethan Krizman is the Heal The Bay club sponsor.

“I think the goal of this is to change the ethic around Venice because the reason why this place is so covered in trash is because people don’t clean up after themselves,” he said. “We want the kids to be not only aware but active in climate activism.”

The club assigns ‘passion projects,’ which require students to think of a topic to research and learn about.

They encourage members to think more about important issues like corporate accountability and climate change.