Counselors working to fix oversized classes

Andrea Lo, News Editor

Many classes are too crowded and crammed with an abundance of students. Administrators are working to balance classes.

World Language and Global Studies counselor Bonnie Roche-Blair attributes the oversized classes to numerous factors. For instance, one subject, U.S. Government, was not offered in the adult school this year. Therefore, students expecting to take the class at adult school were instead put into Venice High government classes, and therefore class sizes in that particular subject were larger than expected.

“There were a number of changes in class schedules, and shifts in class faculty,” Ms. Roche-Blair added.

Another factor affecting class sizes, according to Ms. Roche-Blair, is the fact that Venice High is very accommodating and flexible in terms of letting students choose their classes. In the spring semester, students choose classes for the next year, but they may change their minds over time.

“Students say they want AP English, then say that they want honors,” said Ms. Roche-Blair. “We have lots of variety, but we pay a price for it.”

Ms. Roche-Blair also added that the STEMM magnet program is growing, and that it takes time for the master schedule to accommodate relatively new programs like STEMM and other SLCs.

“Some things are good, but they’re growing pains,” she said.

More students are taking AP, so therefore some, but not all, of those classes are big as well.

“It’s good that we’re growing in AP, but we have to find teachers that can teach them,” said interim Assistant Principal Penny Sommers. “What I’d like to do is open more AP classes. It is great to expand the AP program. It’s great for Venice.”