McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

Cameron Pace, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

McDonald’s has announced a long-awaited change. Breakfast is going to be served all day, starting Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Students at Venice High are excited about the all day breakfast menu. However, a lot of students weren’t aware and were very surprised when asked about it.
When asked about the change in the menu, Junior Victoria Arredondo text to the Oarsman “Yeah, it’s awesome.” She said she’d buy “a sausage McMuffin and a hashbrown.”

She also believes that it’s “a good decision on their part. Almost all other popular fast food chains already serve breakfast around the clock.”

The new menu will include many of their breakfast items featured on the company’s current menu, such as their famous sausage and egg McMuffins, sausage biscuits, and hotcakes. McDonald’s may still cut certain items off the lunch menu to make room the breakfast additions. People can give their opinions as to what they’d like to see more of or get rid of on the menu.