Robots Can Help Schools Keep Clean Too

Haley Couch, Reporter

In a world where robots have been taking the place of humans in settings like restaurants and grocery stores, it would be helpful to get robots to clean up the school. What they can do to help people could be amazing for the school community.

I think we need a robot that cleans the school because of the lack of custodians. Principal Cynthia Hedrick said that there are six custodians working at night and four during the day.

I still don’t think that’s enough for this school since there are over two thousand students here plus the teachers and staff.

For example, there are robots in Tokyo now that do work that was formerly done by humans. They wear wrestling helmets with long skirts and scarves from the company they work for.

They are making more realistic ones as well. There are mostly female ones but there is a male version named Alex.

The robot named Alex can actually speak to people and can carry out different tasks. The robots could probably clean the trash on the floor near the front of the school where it’s the worst.

Nevertheless, the technology that humans give them will change over time causing them to have a different AI (artificial intelligence) than others.

It will be the best for the school to get robots, but the lack of human interaction from the custodians will be missed.

At some point, robots will be taking the place of humans and I don’t think that’s a good idea due to the fact that there will mostly be robots around school and the school might turn into the movie Wall-E.

The school needs human interaction because we might lean onto the robots way more. Also the students might hurt the robots causing them to break and not be able to help the humans they are working for.

That may cause a lot of money to go into the robot and if students trash it or break it the school might take it away. The school may need to have a ton of money for the upkeep of the robot, but I think they will be helpful and can clean a lot more places since they are on wheels. These robots will help our school and make it cleaner than ever.