What To Get When You Go To Mitsuwa


Brian Ribeneck, Reporter

Mitsuwa is a favorite after school spot for many at Venice High. It’s a Japanese store and food court. Since it’s so close to the school, it’s the perfect spot to study, get a snack or hang out with friends.

When you first go to Mitsuwa it might be hard to decide what you want to eat. They have a lot of different kinds of food and drinks that might be unfamiliar or new to people who haven’t had them before. Here are some ideas:

If you want something sweet…  

Go to the cafe at the front. In it you’ll see a glass display showing all the different treats and snacks. Some of the best are cake in a cup, ice cream, milkshakes, boba and cinnamon rolls. 

My favorite thing to get there is the strawberry milkshake. It’s really refreshing and is sweet and perfect for when you want something nice and cold afterschool. Unfortunately the pastry store is like McDonald’s and the ice cream machine is often broken (so it’s pretty rare to be able to buy it).

If you want something spicy…

Get food from Tokyo Shokudo. The food there is really spicy and savory at once. The best thing there is the curry fries. You can get them hot or mild—they’re really crunchy and spicy at once.

They also sell hot curry which is also a really good snack and perfect to get with a coke.

If you’re on a budget…

You should go to the grocery store. You can find drinks like aloe water, pepsi and ramune for less than five dollars. You can also get snacks like onigiri, chips and different chocolates and candies. 

If you want a whole meal…

Hit up Hannosuke. They have all sorts of variations of ramen noodles. You can get udon noodles, which are like regular noodles but thick. You can get many kinds of sides in the ramen like egg, shrimp or beef. For more or less $10, you get a giant bowl that’s perfect to share with your friends.  I’d recommend the beef and egg udon. 

I think that Mitsuwa is a great spot to find something you like no matter what mood you’re in. I’d recommend it to anyone at Venice High.