Ant Issue Getting Under Control

Andrea Lo, News Editor

Around the beginning of the year, colonies of ants marched into classrooms.

Teacher Laurie Chew started having ants in her room around the beginning of the semester.

During her five years in her current room, she never had issues before. She traces the problem to Breakfast in the Classroom.

“Every time a kid drops some food, then an ant trail appears,” said Mrs. Chew. “It doesn’t take very long for an ant trail to start.”

Journalism advisor and English teacher Nancy Zubiri also had ants in her room. Ants could be found traveling on tables, and there had been two significant trails on the wall.

“Whenever there’s rain, ants will come into dry places looking for shelter,” said assistant plant manager C. Reed. “Wherever there’s food, ants will come.”

Principal Oryla Wiedoeft says that the exterminators have come to take care of the ants, but one more extermination is still needed for the lingering ants.

“It was a team effort,” said Dr. Wiedoeft. “Mr. Castro and Mr. Nuñez both called in the problem to out district office. I followed up with a phone call to Venice High Complex Project manager to find out the soonest they could possibly come.”

Dr. Wiedoeft said that a few days later, the district came out and sprayed for ants. However, she said that students should also help in keeping ants out by throwing away trash properly.

“Throw it all in the trash can,” said Dr. Wiedoeft. “It makes a big difference.”