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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

The Oarsman

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Class Of 2024: Senior Sunrise Experience

Class Of 2024: Senior Sunrise Experience
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Senior Sunrise is a California based tradition when the class of your graduating year comes together to signify the beginning for your senior year. It creates unforgettable memories, and a special bond between students. 

For Venice, this year’s Sunrise was fully student run and was an utter success. 

The feeling of waking up after a football game at 4:45 was anything but pleasant. The morning of September 8th conversations came up about disregarding the whole process and going back to bed.

Was getting up at the crack of dawn worth this experience? Senior Grace Kehr, who coordinated the gathering, said, “It was pretty brutal waking up so early, but it was fun because I woke up next to my friends, and we all got to be tired together.” 

We never wanted to accept the fact that we are now seniors entering our last year of high school, but after enduring Senior Sunrise we realized that this was just a new chapter and we had to make this one count. 

It felt like we defied expectations. We managed to collaborate and unify our class; the welcoming atmosphere allowed spending time with fellow classmates to feel gratifying. Waking up early felt all worth it after seeing the outcome. 

People took advantage of the warm temperature of the water and took a dip in the ocean. Groups of friends passed around a volleyball, along with taking group photos with the alluring pastel background. Getting to know each other on a deeper level only increased how favorable this event was.

The hours following the sunrise were brutal as everyone went their separate ways. We got ready in the car after indulging in breakfast at 7 a.m., and the upcoming school day felt never-ending. Being half asleep in class only added to the overall experience.

Typically, Senior sunrise is an event that happens on school grounds. Fortunately for us Venice students, we have the beach right at the tip of our toes. Having this great opportunity made this even better. It didn’t feel so much like a school event, more of just friends coming together and having a great time. 

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