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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

The Oarsman

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Go-Go-Go-Gooooooo Gonzalez!

Behind the scenes of the iconic tardy sweep catchphrase

Whether you know him as Mr. Gonzalez, J.C., or the “Go-Go-Gondos” announcer, administrative assistant Juancarlos Gonzalez is dedicated to coordinating school efficiency.

Gonzalez has been the administrative assistant since 2011 and oversees administrative duties, helps administrators with daily tasks, and records the roles of substitute teachers. 

“I enjoy the combination of everything happening at the same time,” he said.

Gonzalez is widely known for his announcements during Tardy Sweeps, where he encourages students to pick up their pace to get to class.

Tardy Sweeps are daily attendance checks after nutrition and lunch. Teachers close their doors immediately after the bell rings and remaining students in the halls go to the cafeteria to report for a tardy slip. 

“Tardy Sweeps were implemented to make sure that everybody’s in their classes,” said Gonzalez.

“That way, there’s no interruption with instruction and we don’t have students around.”

Since his time observing Tardy Sweeps, Gonzalez has seen an improvement in students’ attendance and believes they’ve been effective.

Gonzalez is recognized amongst students for his phrase he uses on the loudspeakers during Tardy Sweeps, “Go-Go-Gondos!”

He has been on the loudspeakers for Tardy Sweeps post-pandemic.

“At the beginning, I was doing ‘run’ gondos, trying to gather them up,” said Gonzalez, “But we couldn’t tell them ‘run’ because they’re going to fall.”

“I wanted to do something different–that’s how I started ‘Go-Go-Gondos!’”

Gonzalez stays positive and aspires to motivates students to get perfect attendance:

‘‘Go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go gondos!” 

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