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Florida State University Should Be In The College Football Playoffs

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The College Football Playoff Committee made a big mistake not putting undefeated Florida State University in the playoffs. 

I’m not a Seminoles fan by any means, not at all, but I think that it is crucial that they are in the playoffs. 

Among the four teams in the playoffs— Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama, only two teams are undefeated (Michigan and Washington). The Seminals were another team to go undefeated but did not make the playoffs, causing uproar among any football fan who’s not an Alabama fan. 

The reason that the committee gave for not including FSU was because of their quarterback, Jordan Travis, getting injured. And the FSU defense has been everything but weak in the two games since Travis was injured. 

Alabama may have knocked down Georgia, which was #1 at the time, but it was close, and since then they’ve almost lost to unranked teams such as Auburn. They’ve even lost Ja’Corey Brooks because of the transfer portal, and most importantly, they’re 12-1. Big Al doesn’t deserve to be on the field come the season’s end. 

Poor decisions like this are part of the reason that my favorite conference, the PAC-12, is dissolving. Teams want the best chances to get into the playoffs, which they’re not getting even if they’re the best in their conference. There is such a large bias towards the SEC, and it’s impacting the capability of other teams, to do anything. 

I mean, an unheard-of situation. A Power Five team not making playoffs. 

Could FSU choose their schedule? No. So they did the best they possibly could have and still are left without a seat. 

FSU athletic director Michael Alford put it best when he said that the decision rendered their entire season irrelevant. 

Of course, there was going to be an upset no matter what, with major fanbases and powerhouses all competing, but the spot should not have been taken from FSU. There’s absolutely no point in playoffs if teams couldn’t have done better and are still getting snubbed. 

I want Michigan to win (go Wolverines!), but I think FSU deserves a spot. 

So what have we learned? Oh yeah, how well a team does means absolutely nothing. 

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  • W

    William R ThompsonDec 13, 2023 at 11:14 AM

    No, they should NOT! The SEC champion is always a lock. The ACC cut themselves out when Commisioner Phillips blocked rhe NCAA from expanding THIS year. FSU can bolster their case by beating UGA. Wait for it