Preparing For College

Ashley Scott, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Cal State and UC applications are due Nov. 30, which has put large amounts of stress on all applying seniors.

The college process begins junior year when you take your first SAT and ACT and begins to constantly receive emails and letters from colleges across the nation. Beginning junior year, colleges expect you to have a plan for your future, so this is the year that will make or break you.

Starting your junior year, you should be building relationships with teachers so you are comfortable asking them for letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation show what your teachers think of you as a student and also as a person. Trying to build a relationship with your teachers may be hard, but worth it for the future.

In junior year, you can also begin touring schools and talking to the college counselor. The college counselor can help guide you to the college that suits you. “Fiske Guide to Colleges,” is the best book with the most information, to help you choose what college is best for you.

Applying for college is very costly and time-consuming. The Cal State application is $50 and the UC application is $70, but if you qualify for the application fee waiver, you are able to apply to four colleges for free.

The Cal State application period opened Oct. 1. while the UC application opens Nov. 1. If you qualify for the College Board and NACAC fee application waiver that could be up to 12 schools you can apply to for free.

The private school application fee can range from $55-$125, also the fee waiver can apply. Their application period opens Nov. 1.

The SAT and ACT are two tests that colleges look at when you apply. You don’t need to take both tests, yet it is recommended. With the fee waiver, you can take both the ACT and SAT for a reduced price.

There are many ways to get help in preparing for these tests. At UCLA, they offer free SAT classes on Saturdays. You can visit the UCLA Early Academic Outreach Program website for more information about the UCLA workshops. Also some local libraries have classes that can help you with your personal statement and the application process. The Boys and Girls Club of Venice and our college counselor, Mr. Guy Cerda is sponsoring workshops for college applications and also workshops for students and parents who are undocumented.

After winter break, Mr. Cerda will be hosting workshops dealing with the financial aid part of the college process. The FAFSA is the financial aid application that is a different application then the UC and Cal State application.