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Batman V.S. Spider-Man: Who Would Win?

Batman V.S. Spider-Man: Who Would Win?
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is a question that has been shaking the internet for years. Who would win in a fight, Spider-Man or Batman? Both Superheroes have an equally sa origin story. Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed in Crime Alley while Peter Parker’s parents and his Uncle Ben were killed. In this conversation, Brandon and I debate on who would win.

Jayden Derifield: So in this fight, it is base comics, so no Cosmic Spider-Man or Hellsuit Batman. Just base Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne, and I think Spider-Man would win this one because if you look at his achievements, and you know that Peter has been through alot, scaling wise. He can get beat by a lot of his villains and still get back up.  

Brandon Granados: I see that as a good point, and then when you look at Bruce Wayne, Batman, you will also say that he kind of went through the same thing but for him it was really dark because his parents died, especially in the lore they were shot in an alleyway. That was a heartbreaking moment for him and he became The Batman. He trained to become stronger and he became The Dark Knight and every villain that he fights can take a hit. Everyone also wonders why that, when he is Batman he is serious but when he is Bruce Wayne he is less serious. He is more casual than when the night rises he fights criminals such as The Joker, Riddler, or something like that. If you put Spider-Man in the nighttime with Batman it’s going to be easier for Batman. 

Jayden Derifield: I think Spider-Man would win this fight because the radioactive spider didn’t leave him as a normal human. He has enhanced strength, speed, agility and even the Spider Sense. So even if this fight were in the dark, Spider-Man’s Spider Sense would help him dodge Batman attacks and even his utility belt gear. You also mentioned Batman’s Rogues Gallery, Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery is The Green Goblin, Electro, Kraven, The Prowler. Most of them are not normal humans unlike Batman’s with expectations like Solomon Grundy. Most of Spider-Man’s villains have superpowers so he has a better resistance. 

Brandon Granados: I can see where you’re coming from and it’s fair to say that most of Batman’s villains are human like Joker, Penguin or somebody like that. They’re all normal humans and even his super-powered villains like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane, and even ManBat are still pretty low-tiered villains. But I think Spider-Man’s Spidey sense can fail him, it’s not always reliable but Batman has a similar thing. In the Arkham games, Batman has an echo type thing—

Jayden Derifield: Echolocation? 

Brandon Granados: Yeah, in the Batman games there were some times where he can detect who is the enemy and who isn’t within the next room over. I feel like Batman has that as an advantage. While Spider-Man is stronger and faster, Batman is smarter and has more gadgets. 

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