Three Students Qualify For Honors Choir

Maya Manjarrez, Assistant News Editor

Sophomore Joey Mustol, freshman Kaleb Wade and junior Shawn Lawrence all qualified for the Southern California Vocal Association honors choir. When they found out that they made it, they were overjoyed.

Mrs. Wendy Sarnoff, Venice High’s choir and guitar teacher, was amazed that her talented underclassmen made it into this prestigious association.

“They competed against very wealthy schools, like Harvard Westlake, whose students have had private voice lessons.” said Sarnoff.

Ever since he was little, Wade said he loved to sing. Although he didn’t have proper voice lessons, he had an ear for music. He acted in plays and musicals in elementary school, but had never had an official music class until this year. When Wade auditioned, he said that he was very nervous. When he found out got in, he was ecstatic.

“Asking me not to sing is like asking me not to breathe.” said Wade.

Mustol has had a history with music throughout his life. His father is a musician and his grandfather played for the Venice High band during his high school years.

“I wanted to keep the family legacy going at Venice, so I joined choir” said Mustol. He auditioned and, surprisingly, made it onto the Women’s Choir, which is very rare for a male singer.

Lawrence had switched into choir when he was enrolled into introduction to art in the beginning of the year. He had never sung before entering into the choir class at Venice. When he got the opportunity to audition, he took it in a heartbeat.

“I didn’t think I would make it because people had a lot more experience,” said Lawrence. “I imagined myself getting in so I wouldn’t be so nervous.”

Mrs. Sarnoff said that Venice is beating the odds by having freshmen and sophomores make it onto the honors choir. In years before, 4 to 5 people, mostly seniors, make it. This year, the school had a full spectrum of grade levels