Cunningham Classrooms Vandalized

Andrea Lo, News Editor

On the evening of Jan. 10, around 11 p.m., three intruders broke in to Cunningham Hall.

The intruders broke into Mr. Barry Vella, Mr. Darren Kitajima, and Ms. Keli Arslancan’s rooms. The individuals left chalk and chalk dust on the floor and made a mess. They also broke Mr. Vella’s computer screen.

On the first day back from winter break, students who had those three teachers were temporarily relocated as LAPD investigated the rooms and collected evidence. LAPD collected fingerprints and security video. There have been no updates about the case since then.

At the time of the break-in, the new alarm system had not been working properly, so by the time the system alerted police, the intruders had already disappeared.

Now, the alarm system is working well, according to Principal Oryla Wiedoeft. School police will immediately get notification. The alarm system will now immediately pinpoint which door was opened so school police can immediately arrive at the scene. Also, all the video cameras now have night vision. Before, only some were equipped with that.

“LAPD and ITD have worked out the bugs and now we have a super and cutting edge security system,” said Dr. Wiedoeft.

Last semester, the school was broken into on October 13, 2015, and items were stolen and damaged. The Oarsman room was also broken into on a different occasion last year and two cameras were stolen.