New Gondo Gear


Maya Manjarrez, Assistant News Editor

Students have asked and received. New Venice High School merchandise aimed at student tastes will be sold at the student store in about two weeks. The new Gondo gear will include two types of beanies, female and male, long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts, bucket hats, and zip-up jackets.

Bucket hats will be sold at $15; beanies will be between $10 and $15, and both long-sleeve and short-sleeve girls and boys shirts will be sold for $10. Prices for zip-up sweat suits are still being negotiated.

“The merchandise will sell very well. Students have asked for these items and will get them,” said Mr. Harry Delu, the senior financial manager at Venice High School.

Students were excited about the new Gondo gear.

Junior Alex Gonzalez knew about the new merchandise vaguely. When informed about the new shirts, Gonzalez said that he was interested in purchasing one.

Junior Samantha Wah was surprised to hear about the new gear and was excited to show off her school spirit.

When informed about the female cut shirts and zip-up jackets, Wah said, “Finally!”