Drama Club members part of Thespian Society

Corina Pineda, Reporter

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“Anyone interested in theatre can participate,” said Ms. Traci Thrasher when talking about Venice’s Drama Club, which meets Thursdays after school in room 242.

Venice High School’s Drama Club is a part of the International Thespian Society (ITS), an honorary drama association for high school theater students.

“The school has been a part of it for a very long time, but we just reinstated our charter,” said Ms. Thrasher.

Drama club members will attend a three-day festival in Upland, Calif. in the beginning of April. The Drama Club won’t be competing since it’s their first year attending the festival, according to Ms. Thrasher.

The stage crew has also been invited to the festival and are given opportunities to work in the festival.

The International Thespian Society works with students in many areas of theater including actors, stage crew, makeup tech, costume designers, playwrights, directors, and choreographers.

In previous years, Venice actors “got superior ratings,” due to their outstanding performances, explained Ms. Thrasher.

Some alumni of the International Thespian Society have gone on to become celebrities in the entertainment industry like Tom Hanks.