Deadpool Review

Rene Torres, Reporter

imagesThe film “Deadpool,” much like its source material from the comics, is an irreverent, bloody, and riotous twist on the superhero genre; a must-see comic-book movie experience. Following years in development hell, and an oft-ridiculed adaptation in “X-Men Origins:Wolverine,” the  Deadpool solo movie finally made it to the big screen as the first ever successful rated-R superhero movie.

A former member of the Special Forces, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) works as a bounty for hire taking down bad guys for a price. When Wilson meets local call girl Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), his life is forever changed and the pair enjoy a fairytale romance until Wilson discovers that late-stage cancer has spread to his liver, lungs, prostate, and brain.

Determined to not let himself die, he agrees to undergo an experimental procedure which he is told will cure his cancer by unlocking dormant mutant abilities.

The film strays from traditional traits of a superhero movie. For example, the “hero,” Deadpool, rather than using his gifted healing factor and enhanced combat skills to be a hero, exacts revenge on Ajax (Ed Skrein), who caused Deadpool’s disfiguring when he locked him up in a tube without oxygen. He is the very opposite of someone like Superman.

He kills without remorse, has a big mouth that doesn’t shut up, and has no motivation to become a superhero which is what makes him unique and badass. This isn’t a movie for everyone, as it’s rated R and some would be sensitive to its explicit content like nudity, violence and gore.

Although this movie is being praised for its strengths on how accurate the character is portrayed from the comic, it still has minor flaws. The movie doesn’t have much plot to it, just more on Deadpool seeking revenge on Ajax for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend. As well as having weak villains, Ajax fails to be a memorable and intimidating villain.

Aside from the flaws, the movie is still a huge success, becoming the highest grossing R-rated comic book movie of all time. Reynolds confirmed himself, as Wilson in the ending credits, that character Cable will make a appearance in the sequel which was also confirmed.

The Oarsman gives this movie a 9.5 out of 10 with its amazing action sequences, humor, fourth-wall breaking and the best Stan Lee cameo of all time.