Yearbook Prices at a Record Low Price

Melissa Mateo

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Prices for the Venice High School’s 2016 yearbooks are at a record low. Prices began at $45 and went up to $60 at the beginning of March. They will go up again in May to $70 and then to $80 in June. If students want their names stamped on the cover, it is an additional five dollars.

The yearbooks will arrive at the end of May.

The reason that the yearbooks are being sold at such a low price is because the yearbook class is constructing the yearbook design from scratch. They did not go to a yearbook company this year. Instead they went directly to the printing company.

“We skipped the middle man and saved a lot of money,” said Mr. Eduardo Serna, yearbook adviser.

Giving students this has allowed them to be creative together and design something special for their peers.

“I loved being able to learn something new which was learning to use Adobe InDesign,” said senior Valeria De La Torre.

Another reason the yearbooks are cheap is because “Dr. Wiedoeft wants make the yearbooks affordable and wants to sell them to increase school spirit,” said Financial Manager Harry Delu.

“The yearbooks are selling fast,” said Mr. Serna. He expects they will sell more than 350 yearbooks, which is about 100 more than previous years, according to Mr. Delu.