Weekend Retreat for Venice Students

Bella Smith, Reporter

The three-day retreat that many Venice High students look forward to each semester is around the corner, although a day has not been set yet. Oakgrove, a club that meets every Tuesday at lunch, was created to promote the Oakgrove weekend trip that occurs every semester.

Oakgrove is a great getaway from everyday life and is a place where students from any part of the school can come together to realize things about themselves and others around them.
The price to attend the three-day retreat is $175. Half and full scholarships will be offered to students on the reduced lunch program, and packets will be out by mid March, and students can get them in Room 31.

At Oakgrove, each camper is assigned a trust group which consists of one council member, a Venice alumni, and about six campers. Students also get to interact with other campers besides the ones in their trust group. There are fun activities that everyone gets to participate in. They give students a chance to make new friends.

Every semester the Oakgrove Council members change. Some continue from the previous semester, and some new members are added. Council consists of 10 Venice High students who have experience with Oakgrove. Council members are the ones who run everything in regards to Oakgrove like fundraisers and activities. They are the ones who plan out the whole trip.

Nick Shekelle and Scott Kenberg are two new members to Council. Both of them love Oakgrove very much and recommend anyone to go.

“It’s nice to have the ability Oakgrove gives you to express yourself in a safe environment,” Kenberg said when asked why he loves Oakgrove.

At the retreat, each Council member leads a trust group. Within that trust group, students are allowed to express themselves to the other group members.

“Go to Oakgrove because you get to meet good people,” said Shekelle. “You get to see the people of Venice High School in a different way than how you would normally see them at school.”

Every Tuesday at lunch in Room 31 is Lunch Grove. Lunch Grove is a club anyone can attend. During Lunch Grove, council members present a topic. Topics include anger and aggression, pressure, family, and more. Within these topics, students are able to say anything they want in regards to the topic. Students are able to completely express themselves without the worry of judgment.

Within the next couple of months, the club will be having events to fundraise money for the trip. These events include a movie night, a game night, an art show, and a music show. To attend each event, you have to pay to get in and all money goes towards Oakgrove scholarships. The only set date for these events is the movie night which will be held March 11th at 7pm. It is $5 to get in. To find out the location, go to a Lunch Grove meeting.