Venice Baseball Dominating the Western League


Joseph Medina, Sports Editor

The boys baseball team, so far, is conquering the Western League. The well known Palisades Dolphins are now in second place below the Venice Gondoliers, who are in first place. Venice’s overall record is 25-6, league is 10-1. Venice has the second most wins in the city, said Coach Kevin Brockway.

The Venice Gondoliers defeated the University Wildcats in a crucial game on May 3, the final score was 10-1. The only remaining league game for the Gondos is against University away on May 5.

This 2016 season could be a special one. Venice hasn’t won the Western League title since 2003. If Venice defeats University on May 5, Venice will take the title.

Facing off against Fairfax on April 26 and April 28, Venice took the win in both games. In the first match, Venice booted Fairfax with a final score of 10-0. During the second match, Venice gave up two points throughout the game, but still managed to score 10 points and take the win.

Venice has been sweeping nearly every team in the Western League, scoring 10 points or more in almost every game. The only game that Venice lost was against Palisades on April 1. The Gondos were up 4-3, but Palisades made a comeback and defeated Venice 5-4. Besides Palisades and University, Venice has been undefeated against every team in the Western League.

Venice has scored 231 runs so far and holds the record of having the most runs in the city. The runner-up for the record is Chatsworth with 225 runs.

Last year, the Gondos were struggling with injuries and ineligibles. This year, according to Coach Brockway. This year the boys are healthier and and maintaining eligibility.

Venice’s second-time-first team all-league center fielder Anthony Anderson is done for the season, due to a broken hand.

Not only has Venice participated in preseason and league matches, but tournaments as well. Venice participated in a tournament on April 23 and won a face-off against Marshall with a final score of 6-2. On April 18, Venice defeated Verdugo Hills 11-9. At another tournament on April 16, Venice unfortunately lost to Banning 6-3.

“Play hard, play smart, and it’ll end up fun,” said Coach Brockway.