Summer College Courses

Maya Manjarrez, Reporter

Students who were planning to make up classes at Santa Monica or West Los Angeles College this summer were saying that the principal was refusing to sign applications. Dr. Oryla Wiedoeft, when approached by the Oarsman she said, is allowing students to take classes at community colleges and actually encourages it.

However, she is concerned about whether students would get high school credit for the courses.

In order for students to make up the classes over the summer at either SMC or WLAC, they need to check with their counselor and get approval for the classes from them. However, most classes can be taken at summer school at either Venice High or students’ local high school. Basic classes like math, English, history and science are offered during summer school at all LAUSD high schools.

“It’s very important for students to make up courses that they got D’s and F’s in,” said Ms. Bonnie Roche-Blair. She also said that students should talk to their counselors to see what is the best option to make up classes over the summer.