2017 Prom Committee

Cameron Clarvoe-Pace, Reporter

The class of 2017 committee has decided that next year’s prom is going to be held in the Casa Vertigo building in Downtown Los Angeles. However, many of junior classmen weren’t aware of the venue until the Oarsman told them.

Juniors Ryan Cano-Williams and Fernando Rodezno were shocked and also disappointed to hear about the venue.

“I didn’t know that we could vote and now I’m kind of upset,” said Cano-Williams.

The committee had a meeting in November to allow people to vote for the venue they wanted, with options such as the Union Station, the California Science Center, the Casa Vertigo building, and other locations. Only about forty students attended.

“We had announcements about the meeting and told people to bring their friends so they could vote,” said Fiona De Rego, vice president of the committee.

“We showed the pros and cons for each venue and people voted for the Vertigo,” said Andrea Lo, president of the committee. The committee has a planner who has helped them pick certain venues that are cost-friendly for the school.

“Other venues would have made the tickets really expensive and places like the Union Station are unsafe because they’re very public and we would have to have extra security,” said Lo.

Fortunately for those who aren’t satisfied with the venue, there are some advantages to it.

“The building is really versatile and we can do a lot in there when it comes to decorations,” said Lo.

During the Fall semester of next year, incoming seniors will have the opportunity to vote for the theme of the 2017 prom.