“The Baddest Female” Makes Her Way to Take Over America

Briana Marcial Castillo, Features Editor

If you’re into the K-Pop scene, then you know of girl group 2NE1 under the label, YG Entertainment. Chaelin Lee, otherwise known as CL, is the leader of this group and is attempting to start her solo career in the United States.

CL released her “Lifted” single Aug.19 off her upcoming English EP, with the help of Scooter Braun, a successful owner of two record companies and famous for associating with artists such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and fellow YG family member PSY.

“Lifted” is fun song with a catchy beat. The single is a rap song with a reggae-hip hop vibe that samples the song “Method Man.” Though the song lyrics may not be gaining nods of approval from parents, it doesn’t stop you from wanting to sing along. Though this is going to be CL’s official debut into the American mainstream, it’s not her first meeting with western media. CL has worked with artists such as Diplo, RiFF RAFF and OG Macoon on their collaborative song “Dirty Vibe” and “Dr. Pepper.”

CL has also had some success with entering the American music charts. In 2015, she featured on PSY’s “Daddy,” which made it to number 97 on the Billboard Top 100.

It would be hard to argue that CL has anything holding her back from success, as she is not only musically talented but fashion forward. Being friends with Jeremy Scott has led her to be his muse and in her own right, become a new fashion icon with her tomboy style and ability to rock wearing teddy bears sewn to the collar of her dress. She even performed in the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show because of her rising influence.

CL also knows how to speak French, Korean, Japanese and English, proving that she is very prepared to take on the world with her music.