Gifts Wanted Under the Christmas Tree

Michelle Gonzalez , Reporter

During the holidays, families gather around to make food and give presents. They celebrate and give thanks for being together once again, having good health, etc.

As Christmas approaches, some are still indecisive of what to give their loved ones. The cost of the present doesn’t really matter, but the thought of it does. Moreover, here are some great ideas to give depending on the type of person they are.

Junior Pedro Celis said, ” I don’t really ask for anything specific, but I would definitely like to get the nice watch I saw last time at the mall.”

Similarly, junior Jasmine Hernandez wishes for a great time. ” I really don’t mind what I get, I just look forward to spending time with my family and eating food, but I would like to get makeup because I love doing my makeup especially for special occasions and on my friends,” she said.

Jeanny Hernandez on the other hand, desires iTunes gift cards since she loves downloading albums  of her preferred artists all the time.

Junior Carlos Rodriguez says he just wants video games because thats all he plays in his free time.

Senior Ana Sebastian said, “I really want the whole collection of books by Lurene McDaniel,” referring to the series for young adults.

Overall, some satisfying expensive gifts peoples may want are gifts like flowers, chocolates, a simple but fancy watch, a pair of earphones, books, socks or clothes in general.