The Holidays Should Mean More than Receiving Gifts

Jennifer Romo, Entertainment Editor

With all the stress and obligations holidays brings, I feel like they have lost some of their meaning. Many people celebrate special occasions to spend casual time with their family unwrapping presents for example, but many do not ask themselves why they are celebrating that special occasion.

Every holiday seems to be an opportunity to shop. It is the best time for companies to advertise and sell products. Because the holiday commercialize where businesses only care about the money they make, I feel like special occasions just aren’t the same anymore.

For example, I often feel like Christmas is more about getting the perfect present for someone instead of its actual meaning which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and the love he represented. Many are obsessed with the idea of purchasing gifts, not the actual sentimental value of the holiday.

Next time you are celebrating a holiday, ask yourself why you’re celebrating it and why you are getting time off from school. Don’t focus on the commercialism of holidays. Focus on the sentimental meaning and express your love by just spending time with your family in simple ways like asking cookies together or building a ginger bread house.

Not everyone is religious and not everyone celebrates the same feast days. Just make sure to reflection the purpose of the special occasion you’re celebrating and be thankful that it brings everyone together.

Instead of buying expensive gifts, you can make coupons for those you care about. Those coupons can be random acts of kindness such as a massage.

By just asking yourself  why your celebrating a particular holiday, you can carve out a more meaningful celebration.