Boys Water Polo Season Ends on a Good Note

Almond McKinley, Reporter

Boys water polo closed their season with a record of 10-4 finishing fifth in LAUSD. The team made playoffs but lost in the second round.

The boys beat West Adams 22-2 in their first playoff game at venice on Nov. 4. The boys advanced to the second round of playoffs. For the second round, they played Eagle Rock on Nov. 7, losing 8-3.

“I thought that we didn’t play to our best abilities” said captain Dylan Oki, “but sill proud of our results.”

With boys now out of playoffs, the girls water polo team now begins their season.

Some players and coaches are upset because they lost valuable practice time for both teams due to the new bell schedule. For the 2016-2017 school year, the principal decided to change the bell schedule to having 5th period after lunch rather than before lunch.

Coach Sabbah said she is upset with the new schedule because it isn’t fair to the players. They have to miss 5th and 6th for games and some of the teachers don’t release their students, which also cause players to miss games. When the students are released for games, they miss valuable class information and as a result their grades drop, said Coach Sabbah.

“It’s so frustrating. We were all used to a practice and we were comfortable,”said captain Danielle Cid “but now its not just one class that we’re missing it’s two.”

Half the team had to take 7th period water polo, instead of 6th period, which shortened their practice by an hour and fifteen minutes.

“Players don’t get a lot of playtime,” said coach Sabbah,”they miss practice and aren’t conditioned enough.”