Cross Country Runners Participate in City Finals

Chyna Dews

Two Venice High students participated in the Cross Country City Finals at Pierce College on Nov. 19. Although Chris Lamb and Harrison Hanner didn’t win the opportunity to go to State, they had an incredible season.

“Both Hanner and Lamb were qualified as one of the best in the city by making it to the city finals,” said Coach Sandoval. “They worked really hard and performed very well.”

“All four years of running led up to this race,” said Lamb. “It was a great accomplishment and I am very proud with my performance. It was the perfect way to end the season.” His time for the three-mile race was 16:37.

“This was my first time running this course and it was a challenge, but I am happy with the way I ran,” said senior Harrison Hanner. His race time for the three-mile race was 18:26.

Their biggest rival for City Finals was Palisades High.

On Nov. 9th both varsity girls and boys team competed for City Preliminaries at Pierce College. Both girls and boys varsity team didn’t qualify for city finals, but Hanner and Lamb both made it to the city finals.

“I feel excited that we made it this far,” said Lamb.

Last year the cross country were better as a team then this year because they accomplished more. The whole team qualified for city finals.

“But next year we’re going to be deadly,” said Coach Sandoval.