Keep a Full Wallet After Giving Gifts

Michelle Gonzales

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s holiday season and some people may be traveling, going shopping or wrapping presents. Here are some simple holidays hacks everyone should know about.

Buying plane tickets on Sundays is recommended because it can be up to $71 cheaper versus buying tickets on a Monday, according to They also recommend to “make sure to clear history, cookies and cache before searching flights,” because many airlines track down how many times you’ve visited their website causing them to change their prices. By clearing your history, it makes the airline think it’s your first time visiting their site, therefore, motivating them to let you have a better/great experience.

Another useful travel tip to get more space in your luggage is instead of folding your clothes, just roll them up This creates more space in your luggage.

You can easily get a discount on Amazon products by “adding ‘&pct-off=percent’ to the end of any Amazon URL, replacing percent with the exact discount you want (&pct-off=50-70),” according to also said, “If you want to save money on major kitchen appliances, buy the floor model. Most retailers will negotiate on price, especially if there are minor cosmetic imperfections.” Additionally, they said, “If you get a gift card instead of cash for Christmas … no worries … services like,, and Coinstar Exchange allows you to sell or trade gift cards so you can keep making it rain.” On the other hand, “Next time you go online shopping, try looking for shops with ‘live chat.’ You can negotiate with the chat operators for a lower price and ask for coupon codes.”

Do you hate spending money on gift wrapper for a small gift? gives a tip to save money on wrapping paper by “using a potato chip bag to wrap gifts. Pour the chips into a large Ziploc bag, flip the chip bag inside out and wipe off food crumbs before wrapping the gift.” At end, it will look “shiny and sleek.”

You can also turn a cereal box into a gift box by using an empty cereal box, according to the same website.