Question Man


Yulen Rivera was one of the Venice High students that was approached by the Question Man.

Magali Sanchez

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Q: What do you want for Christmas?

Q: Which do you like better, Christmas or New Years and why?

Roland Nieto (12th)

  • I’m going to spend time with my family in Lake Elsinore, go gun shooting and fishing.
  • I want money and socks.
  • I like Christmas because I get presents and I enjoy the Christmas cheer and snow that we don’t get.

Yulen Rivera (12th)

  • Going to six flags every week.
  • I want a new car – Subaru
  • I enjoy Christmas because my family is close together.

Kimberly Flores (10th)

  • I’m going to be practicing for soccer and probably go to Mexico.
  • I just want to be happy with my family.
  • New years, because New Year – New Me.

Rosio Salas (12th)

  • I’m going to stay home with my family.
  • I want make-up and money.
  • I like New Year better because it’s a new year and a fresh star for everyone and you get to go out and party.

Andy Pereda   (9th)

  • Too eat tamales and play soccer.
  • I want a new soccer ball.
  • I like Christmas better because I get a lot of presents.