Mr. Toyama Noticeably Absent

Michelle Gonzalez, Report/ Photographer

Science teacher Tory Toyama has left many clueless after he left Venice High last semester. His students don’t know why he went on leave.

Mr. Toyama’s former students have been split between Ms. Haikanouche Salibian, Ms. Sangeeta Singh, Mrs. Wendy Sarnoff, Mr. Jess Rabinowitz and Ms. Michelle Willie. The science teachers are currently teaching Mr. Toyama’s students from his AP Biology, regular Biology, and Forensic Science classes. These teachers are also still currently teaching their original classes.

Although Ms. Salibian teaches mostly chemistry, she said she’s adjusting to teaching AP Biology. “ Mr. Toyama’s students are really good students. I just didn’t like preparing in the middle of the semester to teach AP Bio. Since it’s an AP course, it takes time to prepare. If the change was made in the summer, I would feel more comfortable knowing I had more time to prepare, but I accept the adjustment,” she said.

His students are feeling his absence. Junior Cristian Solorzano said, “He was a great teacher. His teaching methods were intense, but the challenge was worth it. He gave a lot of work and really cared about his students’ learning.”

Junior Amadi Matafale and Mr. Toyama’s former student from last year said, “He’s very chill, but an amazing teacher.”