Venice High School’s Primetime

Magali Sanchez , Editor in Chief of Website

Venice High School’s Primetime played flag football against Dorsey on Thursday Mar. 9. Unfortunately they lost and the final score was 31-21. Despite their loss, “I’m proud of the team and even though we didn’t win, we played well,” said Guerrero.

Primetime is an afterschool program where Venice special needs students get the opportunity to play sports. Venice has its own team, like other high schools, and they play each other. Each of the special needs athletes are paired with a student who acts as their coach that helps them understand how to play the game.

“I’m grateful for Primetime and I truly enjoy it, it is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life, because I can experience seeing students who are in special needs and students who are not in special needs, play together as friends, coaches, and mentors,” said instructor Joy Cabebe.

Ms. Cabebe is the person in charge of Primetime and has been doing it for about five years. It is a program where not only athletes play a sport but they also get to meet and interact with new people.

“I love working with Primetime because it is fun watching the athletes have fun and I get to have fun with them and it makes me feel good; it makes my day,” said senior Juan Guerrero.

“I felt kind of sad but at the same time I felt good because we have athletes with great talents, and I love working with them,” said senior “Chele” Recinos.

They participated and supported other teams at Fairfax for the City Championships on Monday, Mar. 13.