Gender Neutral Bathrooms Should be at Venice High School

Aracelly Cotrina, Reporter

Three Venice students started a petition for a gender neutral bathroom at Venice.  More than 400 people have signed it so far. Juno Ishida, Drew Anderson, and Faith Freeman, who are all seniors, have all worked together to start a website,, in order to show their support for trans and non-binary students. They hope to establish the bathroom for incoming Venice students.

This past February President Donald Trump removed Obama’s protection laws for use of the bathroom by transgender and non-binary students.

         When asked if the rules would change in LAUSD because of Trump revoking the protection of trans students using the bathroom of their choice, Gay-Straight Alliance sponsor Cristobal Vicente answered, “LAUSD has shown in recent months that their priority is the student. I am hopeful that LAUSD will continue to foster a community of growth for all students.”

        Adding a gender neutral bathroom would help many students at Venice feel more comfortable using the restroom at school, according to The link to the petition is on the website.

          “I’ve wanted an all-gender bathroom at Venice for a long time, just because there are so many trans/ non binary kids at Venice and I want everyone to feel safe, said  Anderson in a direct message to an Oarsman staffer. “I think the whole issue with Trump is a safety issue. It’s not a bathroom issue mainly. It’s mainly about whether trans people can exist in public spaces. It’s taking away the rights for us to even use a restroom.”