Testing and Studying Tips for the AP Exams

Vayran Martinez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Venice High students are preparing for the AP exams in May, and many students are stressed about school work. The stress is causing them some trouble in figuring out how to prepare and study for the AP exams and how to keep on task with their school work.
1. Don’t Cram
Don’t let everything wait for the last minute. If there is something that a lot of students always do, it’s leave everything for the last minute and that usually does not help, especially when you have AP exams. So what can you do to prevent this? Do all your homework when it is assigned so that you don’t have that stress in the future and you can simply focus on studying.

2. Meet with the Teachers
When preparing for an AP exam, make sure to go ask the teacher as many questions as possible. Review anything you can with the teacher to get yourself a good grade on the test. The teacher will always have some questions that prepare students for the test. Ask if they can give you similar questions so you know what to study for. These suggestions come from the Albert Blog website, which includes a lot of information for AP tests.

3. Practice Test
According to WikiHow, creating a practice test for yourself can come in handy, if you have notes from the class. Since you do not know the exact test questions, a practice test can give you a good idea. When creating a practice test, add one of the most tricky questions you think the teacher will be using. If possible, ask the teacher if they can offer you a practice test themselves.

4. Review Previous Test
Using questions from test that were previously used would be a great way to study. Teachers tend to use certain portions from old tests and combine them all to become one. Having that in mind can really help out on what you want and/or need to study.

Some of these tips can come in very handy if used correctly, but it really comes down to one’s determination to prepare and study.