Pizza in Paris: The New Spring Fling

Michelle Gonzalez, Reporter/Photographer

The Spring Fling that was supposed to occur on March 24th was postponed due to the lack of tickets sold. On Friday April 28, there will be a substitute Spring Fling during lunch in the cafeteria. People can dance and eat pizza with their friends.

The original theme for the Spring Fling was going to be Midnight in Paris, but since it was cancelled, the luncheon theme was changed a bit to Pizza in Paris. The Pizza in Paris still consists of food, a photo booth, and music for only $3. Students can purchase their tickets at the student store during nutrition or lunch.

Leadership organizer and teacher Ms. Jessica Guttierez said that students who had already bought their Spring Fling ticket, can get their money back if they attend the Pizza in Paris luncheon. She also mentioned a special give-away for those fellow students.